Downloading items

Downloading an item from a podcast

To download an item from a podcast:

  1. Select the tab for the podcast in the sidebar.
  2. Browse through the list of items in that podcast in the main view.
  3. Find the item you want to download and click on the Download button.

Downloading an item from Miro Guide or a Source

While browsing around in a website, you will find links to media items. Clicking on one of these links will download the item in Miro.


Miro may recognize media items on websites like YouTube and you will see a Download this video button in the browser navigation bar. Clicking on that button will download the item.


Downloading an item

Miro can also download items that aren’t in feeds that you’ve subscribed to or from video search.

  1. Select the File -> Download from a URL menu item. This will launch the New Download dialog window.

  2. Fill in the url of the item.

    On Windows and GTKX11 platforms, you can press Shift+Insert or Ctrl+V to paste a url from the system clipboard into this dialog box.

    On OSX, you can press Apple+V to paste a url from the system clipboard into this dialog box.

  3. Click on the OK button.

Miro will now attempt to download this item. If the download is successful, then the item will show up in the sidebar in the Videos or Music tab of the Library depending on whether the media item is video or audio.

If the url leads to something that’s not a media item, Miro will pop up a dialog box telling you as such and asking you what you want it to do.



Miro can handle YouTube page urls as well. For example, this url is the YouTube page for Nicholas Reville talking about Participatory Culture Foundation and Democracy Player (the old name for Miro) back in 2006:


Miro is a torrent client and can download torrents. You can download a torrent with Miro in the same ways that you can download any other media item.

Once a torrent has completed downloading, it switches to seeding.

The torrent will continue seeding until you press the Stop seeding button on the item.

If you want to set an upload ratio so that Miro will automatically stop seeding an item when a specified upload to download ratio has been reached, you can set that in the Configuring Miro.